What is CSS and why it matters

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. Not so illuminating as you had hoped? Well, let’s take a look if we break the definition down to the important elements:

“Style sheets have actually been around longer than the internet.”
So this is about Style Sheet – CSS. This is useful as a starting point, since we have known style sheets already at the time when the web still had to be created.
Back in the old and golden days of the world of business, style sheets were quite literally sheets (or more often, documents) that were describing, in excruciating detail, how all documents created by, a or used for, a specific company should look. (more…)

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One-to-One Marketing – Powerful, but can Destroy Relationship with Customers

Melissa Shore hardly bothers to open email from Delta Airlines’ preferred opt-in list anymore. It’s not because she’s not interested. She travels a lot in her work as a senior analyst with New York-based research firm Jupiter Communications, and she’s always looking for travel deals.

“Every week, I’d get another email from Delta offering discounts on flights from Chicago or Atlanta,” she says, mystified. “I kept hoping to receive a message that read, ‘Melissa, we’ve got discounts on these trips leaving from New York,’ but I never have.”

Though Shore says she’s a very loyal customer to businesses that provide quality personalized service, Delta, she says, has missed the mark. “I’d rather not get anything from them than get something that’s not relevant,” Shore says. At least the promotional email registration on the airline’s Website now asks for the city of origin. Whether that will translate into deals on flights out of New York remains to be seen.


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How Corporate Spies Work

Winkler is a former NSA manager specialized in cybercrime. As we all are faced with this sort of bad things that may hurt or damage our hard work, let’s see what he has to say about cybersecurity and why we must first and foremost focus on a bulletproof connection to the Internet.

At the NSA, Winkler learned valuable lessons about cryptoanalysis and database design, among other things. But the spy’s life failed to match his expectations. The NSA, says Winkler, was “more Dilbert than James Bond.”

It was in the private sector that he finally found the intrigue he longed for. While working as a project manager at SAIC, a San Diego-based technology consulting firm, Winkler was asked to conduct a security test for a client company.

The company wanted to know how easy it would be for a competitor to identify its overnight carrier or the type of computer system used in its research library. Winkler took it upon himself to broaden the assignment. “Why go after something so lame?” he says. “The goal was to simulate an attack, and that means computer access.”


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Elegant logo design – Inspiration and Tips

Elegant logo design is a pretty exhausting task what with having to think of all those ideas and going back and forward with the client. But after reading this article I hope that it will become a little easier for you to knock out some pretty sweet designs.

its also good when showing the client to present at least 5-10 different versions, even if it’s something simple like a change of color or some font styling. I’ve had many clients often ask to see a design with a slight change just because it was hard for them to visualize it in their heads, I guess it’s the same for all clients and in the most part why they are hiring you.

So check out some of the examples below and hopefully you’ll feel better next time you have to come up with a few good logos 🙂

Try drawing tools

If the thought of learning to use the drawing tools in Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator makes you sigh, try CorelDraw, no really I am serious, CorelDraw is also vector based the same as Illustrator but it offers a very different approach to design and illustration.


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Traffic Generating Strategies

Looking to drive more traffic to your blog? Don’t sacrifice quality content for traffic generating “tricks” that make your blog look like it exists only to serve up Google Adwords. Here are a few of them that make me crazy:

Linking a business concept with a ridiculously unrelated pop culture reference. Really, does anything scream “I want clicks” more than a post entitled “14 Ways B2B Marketing Strategy is Like a Lady Gaga Concert”?

Numbers. I’m as much of a fan of writing (and reading) the “5 Things That…” and “17 Great Ways To…” list-style posts as the next blogger. This blog has it’s fair share. But when 90% of your post titles start with a number, you’re trying too hard.


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So Many Benefits In Social Media

The main aim of the traditional method of marketing was to get as many eyeballs on your services and products as was possible and then hope for a certain percentage of people to purchase. Television commercials, radio advertising, yellow pages, magazine ads, direct mail, etc…are all examples of traditional advertising methods.

These methods are now no longer effective, as several customers now dislike “one way” messaging. People now no longer trust the advertisers. A recent survey done in the US indicated that only 16 percent of people now trust ads whereas 79 percent of people prefer consumer recommendations. Therefore, today marketers are seeking alternative ways to connect directly with their potential customers.
Internet marketing originally became popular by using websites and optimizing those sites using various SEO (search engine optimization) techniques. Though it is still a worthwhile strategy, now SEO has been updated by the Web 2.0 strategies, such as social media marketing.

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About Affiliate Programs

I often get asked the question what Affiliate Marketing is when I send proposals to potential clients.
In its simplest form, affiliate marketing is commission based marketing. From the perspective of the seller, it is creating a program to pay commissions to those that market your products and services for you. From the perspective of the marketer, it is marketing a product or service and making a commission for each sale.

There are numerous services out there that manage affiliate marketing programs to ensure everyone involved is treated fairly: Google Affiliate Network, Commission Junction, AvantLink, LinkConnector, etc.
Nearly everyone with a website can benefit from participation in affiliate marketing programs. It is a simple, easy and effective way for websites with great content such as magazines sites and blogs to make money. It is also a great way for small businesses to market their products and services because there is no cost unless sales are made.

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Show Your Ads Only When Competitors Ads Are Not Showing

“I’m selling the same products as my supplier and we both advertise on AdWords. We were wondering whether one of us is eating away some market share from the other by doing so, and we end up paying more per conversion than if only one of us would be using AdWords.”

This is a hard question to answer properly as there are a number of different scenarios that could take place and the effects of each will be quite different on your end results.
Yes, competition can drive up prices. If you’re both competing to position your ad in the same slot on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP), then obviously you’re going to be in direct competition with each other and anyone else who is advertising against that keyword, which could drive up costs.
But, if you’re the only bidders on the SERP and not fighting each other for position, then it’ll make little difference on your conversion rates.

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How to Stick to Your Ultimate Goal

In my high school years, I didn’t care so much, dropped out, but later earned my GED after I took a great online (and free) GED prep course from BestGEDClasses. That’s when I developed a clear picture of my dream job. After I graduated from college, the very next week I was sending out my resume. I was desperate for a job. Any job. Just give me a job!

In less than a month I got one. Was it my dream job? No. Did it pay the bills?  Yes, somewhat. My friends got jobs. Did they like their jobs? Somewhat, kind of. But it was okay because we were all on the ‘right track’…

During this time, there were lots of happy hours, parties, events, shopping days, gatherings, dinners. Did I want to go to all these events? A few I really did, but the majority I could have passed on. Did I spend money I didn’t want to spend or didn’t have to spend? Yes!

Before you know it that goal of being a startup engineer, or a web designer, or even the goal of saving enough money to take the new course is buried deep under new clothes, dinner receipts, and revised resumes. It happens all the time. I know people in the tech business that have gotten so caught up in their jobs that before they knew it they were 40 years old, never been married or had kids. I see it in my life as well. Particularly the last few years.


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SEO Techniques For Affiliate Marketers

There are many affiliate marketers who haven’t yet understood how essential it is to use the leverage of search engines. After all, the vast majority of Internet users use search engines in order to find information and products online. They are an affiliate marketer’s best friend and are responsible for the promotion of your website to countless people and counts for 90% of the traffic your website will receive. Google and Yahoo are definitely the most popular search engines among the seven or eight top search engines out there. Google being the most popular of all.

When you plug your query into a search engine, it immediately gets to work by looking through all the indexed pages and presents you with all the websites that match the written phrase that you applied. Those with a high ranking will show up first and, more likely than not, a visitor will click on the first websites at the top of the first page. It is only on rare occasions that a visitor will bother going past page 3 unless they were looking for something very specific. Getting on that first page really ought to be what you are striving most for.


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Do You Know The Logic Of Selling?

If you are planning to start an online business, then you should be good at sales. Darn good that is.
There are mixed feeling for people when it comes to selling in general. Some people feel that the profession of selling and marketing is a very rewarding career. It is to be noted that for different people, rewards mean different things.

To you, a reward might be monetary and to some others, the rewards might be emotional benefits. For me, this is a very exciting profession to be in and rewards me both emotionally and financially.
There are people who find it very hectic also. They find the job of selling and marketing to be very depressing especially when they don’t meet their deadlines or targets. These people find the job to be very frustrating as they can’t enjoy what they are doing. I do not condemn these people. Maybe selling is not their cup of tea.
After all, not everyone can stick with their day job and not everyone can be entrepreneurs. (more…)

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