How to create invisible profits

blogging-pr-releasesThere are two systems in which you can be successful; the wage system and the profit system. As you are a visitor to this Blog I am assuming you are interested in home Internet businesses, which is the ‘profit system’. What is special about these types of internet based businesses?

The problem with the wage system

Out of interest the only truly successful people in the wage system are Sports Superstars. So unless you can play tennis like Roger Federer the profit system is the only system where you can make money for yourself instead of, ‘the boss’, and where you can control your future.

As ways to earn extra money on the Internet of the three mentioned above I would venture MLM has attracted most criticism. The main problem with MLM’s is it is possible to make money fast …

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Build a Custom Facebook Fan Page

fanpage1If you’ve spent any time on Facebook and statistics show that the average user spends at least 55 minutes a day on Facebook, you may have come across some pages that look different from everyone else’s.

As many of you know you can create your own Fan Page as way to help promote your business, product or service, but like much of Facebook it has a standard look. Every so often though you come across some Fan Pages, like Best Buy and Victoria Secret that give it a custom look.

While you don’t necessarily need to go to that extent you can take some steps to customize page to help your interaction with your fans and potential clients. Here is my list of some customizations you can do and if you’re looking for helping in taking care of your Facebook …

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GooseGrade allows readers to correct your posts

My English is far from perfect. I can’t hardly write a post in less than 30 minutes. There are ‘holes’ here and there needs patch up. I still need someone goosegrade-logoto proof read my post, but due to the speed of writing I’m ‘in’ now, with 4-7 posts in a day, my proof reader (my wife) is lagging far behind.  So having stumbled this plugin yesterday, I felt this is really what I need.

The GooseGrade plugin allow readers to notify a webmaster with any grammatical error, typo error, or other English-related error on your post. After te plugin is installed, there will be a ‘Grade this‘ button on each post. If readers notice any mistake on the post, and want to correct it, clicking this button will pop out a new windows, for editing purposes.

To correct …

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BlogMe Interview: Kittenpie

how-often-blog-why-blogging-writing-ideasWhat is the quality you most admire in a blogger?
I love open, exposing posts when they don’t feel self-indulgent. I love funny slices of life or offbeat ways of looking at things. And I really appreciate the effort some bloggers put into writing a nice, polished, well-rounded piece.

What is your most marked blogging characteristic (or, how would you describe your blog)?
Spotty. Hodge-podge-esque. A mixed medium. A fun experiment. My playground for trying out different things, exploring different facets of my life.

What is your greatest virtue as a blogger (what do you most like about your blog)?
I try to post frequently. I like putting out fun little snapshots, but if it’s more personal or thoughtful, I try to think it through a bit, to say what I really mean in a considered, measured manner.…

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