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GooseGrade allows readers to correct your posts

My English is far from perfect. I can’t hardly write a post in less than 30 minutes. There are ‘holes’ here and there needs patch up. I still need someone goosegrade-logoto proof read my post, but due to the speed of writing I’m ‘in’ now, with 4-7 posts in a day, my proof reader (my wife) is lagging far behind.  So having stumbled this plugin yesterday, I felt this is really what I need.

The GooseGrade plugin allow readers to notify a webmaster with any grammatical error, typo error, or other English-related error on your post. After te plugin is installed, there will be a ‘Grade this‘ button on each post. If readers notice any mistake on the post, and want to correct it, clicking this button will pop out a new windows, for editing purposes.

To correct it, highlight the incorrect sentence,  which will then automatically appear in that windows. Make the correction and save it. Please note that registration is required before readers be able to post any corrections.

As for Webmasters, they can view the corrections on the blog’s dashboard. By approving the correction, the error part will be replaced, but there is also the option to decline the suggested correction. You can check out various videos on Google to get to get better understanding how this plugin works.

While GooseGrade is certainly a brilliant idea, I’m a bit concerned that the number of readers that’s willing to register to use this feature may be disappointing. Unless the readers are bloggers too, I guess not so many people will be interested in this plugin. I have the feeling that not so many regular visitors will register solely for the purpose of correcting any posts.

I guess not so many users will defy the plugin’s main objective to let ‘readers become citizen editors’, and allowing unregistered users to use it will probably pose security threats to both the blog and the plugin itself.  So I guess the best way will be to integrate the plugin with openID, Facebook connect, or Google Friend Connect, but I’m very well aware that this means that a lot more work needs to be done.

Next time, if you come across any typo,grammatical error here, do let me know, okay.

WordPress Plugin : Google Friend Connect for easy commenting

The Google Friend Connect plugin for WordPress is a plugin that allows users to easily leaving comments on any blog that’s using this plugin.

Instead of the traditional way that need you to fill out your name and email, Google Friend Connect has simplified this by utilizing existing Google, Yahoo, AIM, or OpenID accounts to authenticate you.

If you see any ‘Sign In’ button like this, with just one single click you’re authenticated to leave comments on that blog.

If you’re familiar with Facebook Connect, this plugin is working exactly the same way.

Before you can use this plugin, you have to install Google Friend Connect.

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