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Emergency Room Entrance or Carnival Ride?

The other day I had to meet my mom at the emergency room at our hospital.  Don’t worry – everybody’s OK.

Anyways, they’re doing construction at the hospital and I couldn’t believe it when I saw this:


Do you see the big sign with the arrow and lights? Usually you see those for stores, fire hall events, carnivals…With the steel beams around in the background, it kind of reminded me of the entrance for an amusement park ride. The makeshift tunnel really adds to the amusement park effect.

I don’t know if anyone else will find the irony in this, so feel free to share any comments. I am very glad we have a hospital around…but man it looks so weird this way!


I love my webhost. I really do. (There is NO sarcasm intended here, even though I do tend to be a bit sarcastic…I’m sure you hadn’t noticed that though.)

Anyways, I’ve been having trouble trying to get my email settings to work in Microsoft. I was able to get it to work with my other email from my site It Might Be Love, so I was pretty confident that everything was right.

I sent my host (which is 1and1.com by the way) a quick email explaining my problem to see if they could figure out what I was doing wrong.

They always respond very quickly by email, which is one of my favorite things about them. I could call them – their 24 hour phone support is great. Unfortunately I have 2 wonderful children who are NOT quite so supportive when I’m on the phone so email is usually what I try first.

Anyways, I’m posting this here to ask all of my readers for some help in understanding what this message exactly means:

Thank you for contacting us.

Actually, all the settings that you provided us are all correct and as well the email password.
If it possible that you could here in Support Team so that we could double and troubleshoot the issue in your behalf by viewing your monitor from our end. And from their we could see the actual settings and do additional troubleshooting steps on your email issue.

If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

<Insert Tech’s Name Here>
Technical Support
1&1 Internet

I didn’t include the guy’s name because I didn’t want him to get in trouble like this Comcast cable guy who was videotaped sleeping on a customer’s couch and fired.

I feel really bad for that Comcast cable guy – and I don’t want the guy who responded to my email to lose his job just because I’m guessing English isn’t his native language. I’m pretty understanding of that though, I’m sure if I tried to speak Spanish I’d sound like a moron, too. And just because someone doesn’t speak English well does it mean they’re overseas – I live in Pennsylvania and constantly meet people here who don’t speak English. No, it’s not just the Yinzers.

I just need a little clarification on what he means. What do you think? Does he want me to drive to Kansas City with my laptop? Does he want me to call so they can use remote access software? I *think* this is what he is actually offering to do, which would be REALLY awesome.

Besides this  little email issue, I really do like my host 1and1.com. They have the cheapest domain names anywhere. – A .com domain is only $6.99. and includes free private registration. Right now they have .info domains for 99 cents.

P.S.-If you think a .info domain is useless, you could read about Jason Pierra’s latest idea on The University Kid. He has a new project underway and is giving away a free report on using them to make some quick money in 24 hours

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