What is CSS and why it matters

programming-in-css-448x283pxCSS stands for Cascading Style Sheet. Not so illuminating as you had hoped? Well, let’s take a look if we break the definition down to the important elements:

“Style sheets have actually been around longer than the internet.”
So this is about Style Sheet – CSS. This is useful as a starting point, since we have known style sheets already at the time when the web still had to be created.

Back in the old and golden days of the world of business, style sheets were quite literally sheets (or more often, documents) that were describing, in excruciating detail, how all documents created by, a or used for, a specific company should look.

A style sheet dictated exactly the typefaces that need to be used in press releases, what specific colors must be used in the masthead, …

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Why Don’t I Use WWSGD Plugin Anymore? This Is Why…

maxresdefault-5WHAT IS THE WWSGD PLUGIN?

I know when I first started out blogging the “What Would Seth Godin Do” Plugin or WWSGD Plugin was a must-have on everyone’s list of top 10 plugins. I have been using it now for the past 3 months, or since I started blogging, but have since found one that I think totally out does WWSGD!

This is so much more intuitive, highly customizable and just looks clean and stands out at the same time without being obtrusive. What plugin am I talking about… The WP Greet BoxPlugin.


The WP Greet Box is a highly intuitive plugin that provides a “greeting” or “welcome message” based on where the traffic has been driven from to your site. Much like the WWSGD plugin, you can customize the message that you …

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I’ve decided today to officially declare that I hate my vacuum. I have one of the Bissell upright canister vacs. It’s supposed to be super powerful, easy to clean, yadda yadda yadda – don’t believe a word of it.

In reality, it doesn’t pick up anything really. So many times I vacuum the entire house only to realize an hour later some of the crumbs that made me decide I needed to vacuum in the first place were still there.

Part of the problem with this vacuum is that there are three million filters to clean out each single time you want to use it, assuming you are using it to actually pick stuff up from the floor. I am just too lazy for that.…

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Emergency Room Entrance or Carnival Ride?

The other day I had to meet my mom at the emergency room at our hospital.  Don’t worry – everybody’s OK.

Anyways, they’re doing construction at the hospital and I couldn’t believe it when I saw this:


Do you see the big sign with the arrow and lights? Usually you see those for stores, fire hall events, carnivals…With the steel beams around in the background, it kind of reminded me of the entrance for an amusement park ride. The makeshift tunnel really adds to the amusement park effect.

I don’t know if anyone else will find the irony in this, so feel free to share any comments. I am very glad we have a hospital around…but man it looks so weird this way!


I love my webhost. I really do. (There is NO sarcasm intended here, even though …

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How to Stick to Your Ultimate Goal

dream-jobI think it is easy to get sidetracked with life. There are so many events to go to, friends to catch up with, happy hours to attend. Not to forget that 9-5 job that just seems to keep wiggling itself into every nook and cranny of life.

In my high school years I didn’t care so much, dropped out, but later earned my GED  after I took a great online (and free!) course. That’s when I developed a clear picture of my dream job. I graduated from college, the very next week I was sending out my resume. I was desperate for a job. Any job. Just give me a job!

Less than a month I got one. Was it my dream job? No. Did it pay the bills?  Yes, somewhat. My friends got jobs. Did they like their …

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Are Wireless Printer Routers Necessary?

maxresdefault-4Various gadgets keep popping up in the consumer industry. Sometimes it makes you wonder if they are really necessary or are they built only to make profits. In order to answer this question, we will take a look at what makes people want to buy these gadgets in the first place. Let us determine what makes these things useful than just connecting your printer to a computer.

The primary reason why people buy a wireless printer router is in order to connect a printer to a wireless network. With this advantage, any user that is connected to the network by wire or wireless has the capability to use the printer.

This advantage however can be offered by directly connecting a printer to a computer that is connected to a network. So why use a router? The existence of a router …

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3 Easy Tips to Reach Your Target Group Via Your Website

download-73Email marketing is one of the most effective ways to grow your business. It’s highly targeted, highly trackable and it’s cheap! How else can you deliver a custom marketing message directly to the in-box of a highly targeted subscriber? No where! 

So enough about the WHY, now let’s talk about the HOW. To start, you need a list of people to email, right? Growing your email list can be as challenging as marketing to them, it’s certainly as important. Here are a couple of easy tips for increasing your email subscribers

Tip #1 – Say Something
Offer some content, an article, a report or even a video. Choose a subject that you’re an expert in, something that you’re passionate about, something that people are going to want to read. Invite you’re website visitors to sign-up for your email 

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7 Tactics to Increase Your Influance

2016-04-05-1459888488-1105248-5easystepstostartgettingyourblogginghouseinorderSo you’ve started your brand new blog huh?

The excitement may not last long. After a few weeks or months, perhaps you’ve begun to experience burnout. Perhaps you like the feeling to be able to post your opinion on the Web, but writing becomes a chore rather than something fun to do on a regular basis.

Readership may not grow at the rate that you think the blog is worth the effort. Sounds familiar? I guess it is to many of us. It happens to some of my blogs too, in many times.

As with any other venture, it takes effort to succeed. While a blog turns web publishing into a very easy and convenient task, actually writing great content and building readerships — and later relationships — are the real challenges.

Below are my own 7 strategies to find, …

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Achieving Overnight Success

blogging-is-goodDiscover how you can earn six figure income (or more!) from [insert your favorite place for vacation here] and while you sleep…”

“…and the best is, you can do it in one short week.”
Sounds familiar?

I didn’t copy other’s people sales letter, but surely you can relate to one as soon as you read it. It’s true, for a few years, I’ve seen many people make it sound like a blog is “the” solution to your business, marketing and publishing.

Some of the things they talk about hold true. A blog is a great publishing platform, a great way to get closer and being part of your customers and prospects.

The thing is, success in blogging is not something to achieve overnight or even in one month.
I have seen a few bloggers who could do it in six …

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Do You Know your readers?

whats-the-best-blogging-platformYou look at your blog almost every day. You write the articles, you picked/made the design, but how does the blog look and read to your visitors? People with different knowledge and different computers are accessing your web page, can anyone come to your website and understand the blog right away?


A few months ago, I wrote a lesson plan/tutorial for an art class on using Photoshop. I had written lessons in that subject before, but this time I was faced with a far less tech savvy crowd. One person in particular, the teacher had a particularly hard time following my directions.

The things I took for granted, like what the menu bar is, was sudden pushed into the lime light because the teacher couldn’t figure out how to go to File >> New Document.…

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